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The services I provide help you find clarity. We all get stuck at one time or another in our lives, with varying degrees of difficulty to maneuver past. There are a number of different options you can use to help you get unstuck. The options I offer in the way of services can be used individually or combined. It depends just how stuck you are.   

“Becoming ‘Awake’ involves seeing our confusion more clearly.” Rumi

If you’re feeling uncomfortable in your life that’s an indication that there needs to be  change. But the idea of change can also feel uncomfortable and that leads to confusion. I want to help you find clarity.

Michelle Serrano


Reiki treats the whole person, bringing the mind, body and soul into balance. Reiki enhances 

Psychic Readings

Psychic Counseling is a partnership with spirit to deliver accurate and respectful messages.

Intuitive Life Coaching

A Life Coach can help you evaluate where you are in you life, envision where you want to be

Michelle Serrano,


I’m Michelle

A Master Psychic

An Holistic Life Coach

Reiki Master Teacher

& Eternal Optimist

What People Are Saying

Michelle has used her rare gifts to help me understand negative life patterns. I was new to spiritual counseling and Reiki. She made me feel extremely comfortable and heard. She will change your life.



I had a wonderful reading and Reiki session with Michelle recently. She was able to share messages which helped me not only connect with loved ones, but connect with aspects of myself. I am grateful for her warmth compassion and ability to share her insights.



Michelle is kind, open, and flexible and has a wonderful energy. I had a short reading and Reiki session that was a very positive experience. It all felt very organic. She has a wonderful gift and it was a pleasure to work with her.


Healthcare Administrator



2020… Half Way Through
2020… Half Way Through

Pandemic, Killer Hornets, Protests... According to Wikipedia "Keep Calm and Carry On" was a motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II. The poster was intended to raise the morale of the British public, threatened...

Benefits Of Psychic Consultations
Benefits Of Psychic Consultations

As a psychic I find great joy in empowering my clients. Sharing a vision, delivering a message or recounting a moment in time can validate a client, renew hope and open the door to emotional healing. In my experience, validation is the primary benefit of consulting...

Being A Psychic Medium
Being A Psychic Medium

Although I'm connected to divine universal energy every moment of every day, I'm not open to disembodied spirits every moment of every day. Let me explain the difference for me between being a psychic and being a medium. Being connected to divine universal energy is...

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