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Michelle Angelic, ORD, CRMT, MSP


Focused on providing services to positively change the direction of your life by relieving stress and restoring physical and emotional well-being.

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Relax with Reiki

Reiki treats the whole person, bringing the mind, body and soul into balance. Reiki touch is light and gentle and relief is brought about through the use of hands laid on or above the body in key positions in order to enhance the body’s own ability to create the ideal state of relaxation to facilitate relief of stressors that trigger illness, fatigue and anxiety.

Psychic Counseling

Psychic Counseling is a partnership with spirit to deliver accurate and respectful messages that can help people positively change the direction of their live and validate their own intuition. An in depth psychic reading opens the way for spiritual guidance, clarity and new perspectives on love and life decisions.


Mentoring Program Coming Soon. 

What People Are Saying

Michelle has used her rare gifts to help me understand negative life patterns. I was new to spiritual counseling and Reiki. She made me feel extremely comfortable and heard. She will change your life.



I had a wonderful reading and Reiki session with Michelle recently. She was able to share messages which helped me not only connect with loved ones, but connect with aspects of myself. I am grateful for her warmth compassion and ability to share her insights.



Michelle is kind, open, and flexible and has a wonderful energy. I had a short reading and Reiki session that was a very positive experience. It all felt very organic. She has a wonderful gift and it was a pleasure to work with her.


Healthcare Administrator


Benefits Of Psychic Consultations

Benefits Of Psychic Consultations

As a psychic I find great joy in empowering my clients. Sharing a vision, delivering a message or recounting a moment in time can validate a client, renew hope and open the door to emotional healing. In my experience, validation is the primary benefit of consulting...

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Being A Psychic Medium

Being A Psychic Medium

Although I'm connected to divine universal energy every moment of every day, I'm not open to disembodied spirits every moment of every day. Let me explain the difference for me between being a psychic and being a medium. Being connected to divine universal energy is...

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So You Think You Might Be Psychic

So You Think You Might Be Psychic

Recently I was asked by two young ladies in their early teens my opinion about psychic mediumship readings for kids. I immedietly responded with a resounding No, stating firmly that there is no need for children to have readings. My response reflected my own fears....

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“Nia!” is Swahili for intention, and ‘I love it’.  Something about the sound and feeling of saying nia is so much more soulful than the word intention.  Most of the time the way I view life is with a spiritual and soulful twist, it’s just the way I’ve always been, and...

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