I’ve spent the better part of thirty years studying multiple holistic personal wellness techniques. I’ve learned about love in all it’s forms. I’ve learned aobut forgiveness and I’ve learned how to step out of fear and step into love. For over ten years I’ve had the opportunity to put these techniques into practice. We all have this amazing ability to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

About Me

I guess I can say I’ve been on a spiritual path most of my life. It all started when I was a child seeing and talking to spirits. In my teens I began to explore esoteric practices and in my early twenties I dabbled with spirituality and my psychic connections.

In my darkest night of the soul it was my spirituality that saved me when I got clean and sober. When I chose sobriety I chose to accept myself and reconnect to my form of spirituality. I started soaking up spiritual principles, meditation practices, psychic connections and anything else that helped me get realigned with my true purpose: to be a source of love and inspiration in the world.

I became an ordained non-denominational minister in my thirties. I focused on weddings, baby blessings/baptisms and spiritual counseling. Focusing my ministry on life’s milestones allowed me to witness life’s patterns on a broader scale and the energy that holds these patterns.

In my forties I started channeling communications with Angels, Ascended Masters, guides and guardians. With openness and practice I also began to communicate as a medium. As a natural progression of my studies I focused on understanding personal energy fields and how these fields carry and shape our life experiences. And so I became a Reiki Master & Teacher and I began working on deep energy healing.

Now in my fifties I have combined all my years of experience and education to help you Empower your present by developing a relationship with your intuition so that you can live confidently aligned with your goddess self. 

There are many ways that I can help you, no matter where you are on your life path.

Let’s start with a reading.

How does this relate to you?

Well Simply put, I GET IT. There probably aren’t many things I haven’t witnessed, experienced, heard of, counselled, studied, experimented with for myself and my clients when it comes to alternative health, wellness, spirituality and life. Personally I understand the commitment and accountability it takes to make lasting changes in one’s life. Most importantly I understand it takes courage to take the first step and trust to continue moving forward toward a new lifestyle.

A fundamental part of All Things In Love – Healing Connections’ philosophy is the idea that a successful, thriving and sustainably happy life, MUST continuously invest time and resources in all 5 Pillars of the ARCHE System © – Account for your choices, Reclaim your power, Create your future, Heal your past, Empower your present.

All Things In Love – Healing Connections is the only online Holistic Intuitive Life Coaching program for clients using the ARCHE System©  removing all overwhelm by showing you exactly what you need to focus on each month to make your life successful and walks you through the actions you need to take, step by step over a single weekend, so you can implement and take action immediately without having to struggle, teach yourself things, get overwhelmed and waste time.

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