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Although I’m connected to divine universal energy every moment of every day, I’m not open to disembodied spirits every moment of every day. Let me explain the difference for me between being a psychic and being a medium. Being connected to divine universal energy is knowing my truest spirit/soul self and having a loving, trusting relationship with that part of myself, which in turn allows me to have a true loving relationship with God. That being said, this relationship enhances my natural psychic abilities that are classified as the ‘Clair’s’. Clair is the French word for  clear. For example, clairvoyance is clear seeing, clairaudience is clear hearing and so forth. For more information about he clairs you can read my post, So you think you might be psychic.

So what does that mean? It doesn’t mean I can read your mind or see all you secrets when we first meet. What it does mean is that I receive information psychically from guides, guardians and higher energetic beings known as Angels, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters. I can also feel energy changes and because I have lots of years of experience I’m able to discern meaning from the different energy frequencies I encounter. Does this mean I never experience unpleasant life events. Absolutely not? I have free will and with free will I get to choose whether or not to heed the information I receive.

When I sit with clients for psychic counseling I open myself up completely to my client’s guides and guardians as well as Arch Angels and the Ascended Masters. I deliver the messages that they present for the highest benefit of my client. These messages typically consist of information regarding the clients past, present and future life purpose. This information comes to me in the form of seeing scenes from someone’s life like a movie clip, sometimes these scenes are in my head and sometimes they play out in front of me as if I could walk into that moment in time. I always hear messages being spoken into my ear and this is like hearing my own voice talking to me about situations of which I have no personal knowledge. As an empath I can also feel the emotional energy of my client in the past, present and future. This feels like a wave that washes over me completely over-riding my own emotions.

As a Medium I open myself at a different energetic level to the spirits of the deceased. Once open to these spirits I able to communicate with any deceased spirit who steps forward. However I, like all mediums, have a guardian that keeps all but those invited outside the boundaries I have set in place. When a loved one enters the room I can feel the relationship between the client and the deceased. Then they introduce themselves to me by telling me their name and showing themselves to me. They usually show themselves how they looked when they felt their best. Then they tell me some details about themselves and the client. This is intended to show the client that their loved ones are with them. For me the experience is a lot like what was portrayed in the movie Ghost. At times I allow a spirit to partially merge with me to deliver their message. This helps some clients accept that the messages are truly coming from their loved one. Messages from deceased loved ones are messages of comfort, healing and closure and most of all they are messages of love.

In the end, whether a psychic session or a medium session I am just a courier of messages from loved ones for the highest benefit of the client. I hope this information helps you with your decision whether to see a psychic.


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