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We all need a sounding board from time to time. I know I’ve always benefited from having someone keep me on track when I’m working on a big personal or professional project. Schedule you free consultation to see how we can work towards acheiving your best life now.

What Is Intuitive Life Coaching? It’s A Unique Partnership Designed to…

Identify, clarify and create a vision for what the client wants

Use coach’s expertise to modify goals as needed

Encourage client’s self-discovery and growth

Foster client accountability to increase productivity

How Do I know Which Service is Right For Me?

  • Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?
  • Do You Self Sabotage?
  • Do You Struggle With Setting Healthy Boundaries?
  • And What About Accountability?

Reiki treats the whole person, bringing the mind, body and soul into balance. Reiki touch is light and gentle and relief is brought about through the use of hands laid on or above the body in key positions in order to enhance the body’s own ability to create the ideal state of relaxation to facilitate relief of stressors that trigger illness, fatigue and anxiety. A typical Reiki session involves a relaxed atmosphere, similar to massage. Clients are always fully-clothed, and are typically led to lie down. Practitioners lightly place their hands on or above various locations throughout the body, focusing on the 7 chakras (or energy centers). Treatments and techniques may vary, as Reiki involves using intuition to help guide the treatment. Reiki can complement massage and chiropractic treatments as a limited-contact, non-invasive form of relaxation therapy. In fact the practice is growing in awareness and becoming a popularly-requested supplementary treatment. Massage and Chiropractic work at the very obvious physical level while Reiki works on a more subtle, energetic level that is less obvious. Reiki therapy offers a more relaxed and slow-moving approach. In essence, especially when combined with traditional methods of treatment Reiki can aid in the recovery of  the physical, mental and spiritual body. Optimize your body’s natural self-healing potential by scheduling a Reiki session now.

Psychic Readings & Counseling
Psychic Counseling is a partnership with spirit to deliver accurate and respectful messages that can help people positively change the direction of their lives and validate their own intuition. An in depth psychic reading opens the way for spiritual guidance, clarity and new perspectives on love and life decisions. Typically during a session there is a lot of processing, releasing and transmutting of energies in the mental, physical and emotional energy bodies. A session can feel like a talk therapy session. Most psychic counseling sessions provide in-depth information about a person’s soul journey and life path. Tarot and oracle card readings are the basis for all psychic counseling sessions, providing insight into the past, present and /or future in order to get at the heart of the situation in our life which needs attention.
Individual Life Coaching
A Life Coach can help you evaluate where you are in you life, envision where you want to be, and support you as you execute a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life. In other words a life coach can help you realize your full potential.  
Group Coaching

Group sessions are an amazing way to be with people who have the same goals. Working in a safe environment with like minded individuals is incredibly validating. Group sessions are still facilitated by a Life Coach and have the same goals as individual coaching sessions. Group sessions are a natual next step to individual coaching as you continue your journey as both the coach and the coached. 

Due to Covid-19 group sessions are only held virtually until further notice.

Self Coaching

Being able to manage our stuff successfully on our own is a wonderful goal. Self coaching is a great place to start if you’re not sure you need a life coach. By clicking the link below you will be have access to a free workbook to help you on your self coaching journey.  LINK laughing 

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Deciding to reach out to a life coach is a big deal. That’s why I offer a free consultation. During our first conversation you can feel free to ask me questions, talk about your hopes and goals and most importantly we can make sure working togethte is a good fit.

Make An Appointment

Making that first appointment is another huge step, it’s making a commitment to yourself and your future by providing yourself the tools to succeed. During the first appointent we will work together to craft the perfect plan for success.

Reach Your Goals

With each session you will  be guided through your growth and personal development process, gaining self-awareness, uncovering obstacles that have been holding you back, and learning new skills and strategies to help you successfully reach your goals.  

Still Have Questions?

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